About Hartog

Lucerne and dried grass from Hartog: natural quality feed for horses, cows and goats.

Hartog: your partner in the food chain

Healthy and productive dairy animals don’t fall from the sky. It is essential that their daily ration is suited to their needs. By choosing lucerne and dried grass from Hartog you are opting for natural dry feed with all the qualities of the fresh product thanks to its rapid conservation. Top quality assured by complete process quality control: from sowing to distribution to the end user. Hartog keeps the entire process in the company’s hands. It stands to reason that more and more agricultural companies choose Hartog as a reliable parner in controlled products.

Controlled growing

In the growing of green feed, Hartog works closely with a number of carefully selected contract growers. These are mainly arable farmers who work the heavy, calcium rich clay in the polders around the IJsselmeer lake. They grow nothing but the types of crops selected by Hartog. Such as lucerne, that after a few years can develop a deep taproot going down to around three metres. This intensive rooting means that lucerne is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Harvested with our own machines

At Hartog we harvest the feed ourselves. Which means we can reap at the right time and are less dependent on such factors as the weather forecast. Hartog uses a 10-metre wide reaper followed immediately by the forage cutter. The feed can be chopped finely so that cows and goats cannot drag the roughage through the gratings. Container trucks then transport the green feed to the factory. Transport takes little time because Hartog always grows the feed close to the factory. In this way we keep the time between reaping and drying as short as possible.

Completely controlled drying process

Hartog dries the green feed in two large, computer controlled drying drums, with a total capacity of 90 tons of water evaporation per hour. This guarantees a rapid drying process so that all the benefits of the product, such as the fine taste and the authentic odour, is retained. Germs have no chance: the temperature treatment means that our products are absolutely free of sources of disease such as TB and salmonella. Once the feed has been dried it is pressed into bales weighing approximately 500 kg and measuring 1.20 x 1.10 x 1.10 metres. The bales are submitted to a final strict check. Only bales that meet Hartog’s strict quality requirements are given a unique number and placed in storage.

Delivery? You decide how, where and when

Hartog delivers all its products twelve months per year at any address required. And… in any shape you could wish for: bales or cakes, bagged or loose. All it takes to set it up is a single phone call to Hartog – and it's as simple as this.
Useful tips: our truck always carries a forklift with it so that the bales of grass and lucerne can be placed indoors.

  • Horse feed

    Proper nutrition for horses is very important. Lucerne horse feed from Hartog is of high quality and is very tasty for your horse. These products include healthy roughage and concentrate feed based on lucerne and grass.

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  • Lucerne for poultry

    In general, lucerne as roughage should not be thought away from poultry farming. The poultry sector knows the way to find our Compact Luzerne and Compact Luzern EKO to provide distractions and structure to their chickens. Read all about Lucerne for broilers and quality feed for healthy poultry.

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  • Tips for during preganancy and the lactation period

     During the pregnancy, the Hartog Lucerne mix is ​​very useful due to its high calcium content in it's ration . This high content is good for the condition of the mare and for the bone formation of the unborn foal. In addition, lucerne for horses contains folic acid and β-carotene, and these vitamins are essential for fertility.

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  • Basic Diet Starts with Roughage

    When speaking of equine nutrition, in most cases the discussion centres on the right type of chunks, muesli or grain mix and the composition of concentrated feeds or the optimum ratio of these products. Seldom does the influence of roughage enter the discussion. The importance of the right type of roughage tends to be underestimated by most people.

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  • Lucerne for rabbits

    The fiber-rich Lucerne has a positive effect on the digestive system. Rabbits suffering from bowel problems such as diarrhea, cramps or clogging benefit from a ration of roughage such as Compact Grass and Hay with Lucerne.

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