Quality management

At Hartog, quality is a high priorty; quality is guaranteed through full process monitoring - from sowing to distribution. Many more companies in the agricultural sector find Hartog a reliable partner in controlled production.

Controlled Cultivation

Hartog works closely with carefully selected contract growers - mostly farmers who grow the heavy, calcareous clay soil of the polders around the IJsselmeer. They only grow the varieties selected by Hartog.

At Hartog we harvest our own crops. Thus we can mow at the right time and we are less dependent on the weather forecast for example.

Hartog dries the crops in large, computer-controlled dryers with a combined capacity of 90 tons of water evaporation per hour. This fast drying process ensures each product stays fresh and the taste and smell of the countryside is preserved. The temperature at which we treat our products means that they are free from pathogens such as Paratuberculosis and Salmonella.


Hartog is closely involved with its suppliers and its customers. Our product also requires a good knowledge of the user such as cattle, horse and goat farmers. We pay close attention to the local situation of each individual customer. We not only focus on our direct customers but also to the distributors who have to sell our products in a competitive market.

We are convinced that our policy regarding the quality will lead to a quality that largely gives the assurance that our products and services meet the requirements of laws and regulations relating to the safety of humans, animals and the environment. 

See the sections in the menu for certificates, including GMP+ and Skal.

  • Horse feed

    Proper nutrition for horses is very important. Lucerne horse feed from Hartog is of high quality and is very tasty for your horse. These products include healthy roughage and concentrate feed based on lucerne and grass.

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  • Lucerne for poultry

    In general, lucerne as roughage should not be thought away from poultry farming. The poultry sector knows the way to find our Compact Luzerne and Compact Luzern EKO to provide distractions and structure to their chickens. Read all about Lucerne for broilers and quality feed for healthy poultry.

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  • Tips for during preganancy and the lactation period

     During the pregnancy, the Hartog Lucerne mix is ​​very useful due to its high calcium content in it's ration . This high content is good for the condition of the mare and for the bone formation of the unborn foal. In addition, lucerne for horses contains folic acid and β-carotene, and these vitamins are essential for fertility.

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  • Basic Diet Starts with Roughage

    When speaking of equine nutrition, in most cases the discussion centres on the right type of chunks, muesli or grain mix and the composition of concentrated feeds or the optimum ratio of these products. Seldom does the influence of roughage enter the discussion. The importance of the right type of roughage tends to be underestimated by most people.

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  • Lucerne for rabbits

    The fiber-rich Lucerne has a positive effect on the digestive system. Rabbits suffering from bowel problems such as diarrhea, cramps or clogging benefit from a ration of roughage such as Compact Grass and Hay with Lucerne.

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