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    Lucerne Pellets

    Luzernebrok Hartog

    Hartog Lucerne Pellets are made of freshly harvested and artificially dried lucerne (alfalfa) that has been compressed into a 6 mm textured pellets.

    • No losses in storage or feeding
    • Concentrated roughage in pellet form
    • Replaces a portion of the roughage ration

    Hartog Lucerne Pellets stimulates the digestive system of a horse less than other roughage such as Hartog Compact Grass and Hartog Gras-mix. This is because the chunk easily falls into the horse's stomach, because the product is milled.


    Lucerne Pellets are made from 100% artificially dried lucerne (alfalfa). This is grinded and pressed into a pellet with a maximum of 3% molasses.

    Feeding advice

    Make sure that your horse gets sufficient good quality roughage, at least 1% to optimally 1.5 - 2% of its body weight.

    Product features

    20 kg plastic bags, 1000 kg big bags , Bulk in silo.

    1 Year

    Product analysis

    Analysis is based on 1 kilogram This is a natural product, so the values shown may vary.

    Nutritive value
    Crude protein 17.30 %
    Crude fat 2.20 %
    Crude fiber 26.00 %
    Crude ash 11.20 %
    Sugar 7.00 %
    Sugar & starch 11.00 %
    EWPa 0.57 %
    VEP 622.00 %
    Digestible protein 121.00 g
    Dry matter 90.00 %
    VEM 700 g
    Vitamin E 20.00 mg
    Biotine (Vit.H) 0.20 mg
    Vitamin D3 910.00 I.E.
    Calcium 15.00 g
    Phosphoros 3.50 g
    Magnesium 1.80 g
    Sodium 0.60 g
    Potassium 25.00 g
    Trace elements
    Iron 273.00 mg
    Copper 7.00 mg
    Manganese 26.00 mg
    Zinc 17.00 mg
    Selenium 0.20 mg