Mais chopping

Mais hakselen

Maize chopping, we do this for you!

  • Chopper completely on caterpillar tracks
  • Low inspection, even in wet weather conditions
  • Only the chopper on the plot
  • Clean roads, everything is brought to your company by truck
  • Longer distances are also possible
  • Possible to add Pioneer

Hartog Chopper

If your cut corn is ready to harvest, you can reach out to us. Using our very modern chopper we can also harvest your cornfields without effort. We have two full-range tractors that are very suitable for wet weather conditions. Our chopper has a hook arm to pick up a container from outside the plot. Thus, the chopper rides only on the plot. When the container is full, the chopper loads him off the parcel. Then our yellow / green trucks, which are also equipped with hook-arm, pick up the container and drive the corn to any place you wish. This way the roads will remain clean and no pollution will occur in your maize pit.

Tracks with a dog walk

The chopper has the latest terra trac caterpillar and has level control and is hydropneumatically welded. The 90 cm wide caterpillars have double dog steering wheel control, so the four caterpillars ride their own tracks.

Incubation enhancement

Additionally, it is possible to add Pioneer additives while chopping the corn. For this we have the most modern dosing equipment for Pioneer liquid inoculants.