The majority of Hartog products are sold to cattle farms. Cattle farmers use the Hartog line of grass and lucerne pre-eminently for stimulating cattle guts and for promoting the health (fertility) of their animals.

Production process

Top quality is guaranteed by monitoring the process completely. Hartog has the entire production process in its own hands – from sowing to distribution to the end consumer. The production process starts with selecting contract growers, namely farmers who grow on heavy calcium-rich clay ground. Hartog harvests lucerne with its own machines. This means cutting at just the right time. The reaper is followed by a forage cutter that chops the raw feed finely. This prevents the goats and cows from pulling the raw feed into the gratings.

The chopped feed is dehydrated in computer-controlled drying drums. The feed is dehydrated in a short span of time by which it retains the good taste and outdoor smell of a fresh product. High temperature treatments ensure that disease germs such as Para-TBC and salmonella don’t have a chance at survival.

Poultry feed

In order to enrich the feed ration of Poultry with fibers, Hartog has developed Hartog Compact Lucerne bales. Hartog Compact Lucerne bales are made of a high quality dehydrated Lucerne or alfalfa.

Cattle feed

In addition to feed for adult animals, artificially dried products are excellently suited for raising calves. As a result of the heat treatment during the production process, the grass is actually free of disease germs such as Para-TBC. Since the grass is chopped dry and short, calves (between 4 and 7 day old) can digest it early on.

Goats have acquired a unique place. Since 1996 raising milk goats has increased in the Netherlands and Hartog can certainly count on many goat farmers as clients. The big advantage with the picky goats is the consistent quality and ease of feeding. Goats can be very fussy when it comes to their food. They assess it according to its taste, smell, dryness and the way it feels in their mouth. These are precisely the plus points in Hartog feed. The summer scent of the Straw Bale Structure, the consistent composition and the taste are also considered major plus points among goat farmers.

Sheep farmers also benefit tremendously from our dehydrated products, especially the dehydrated grass, which is available in large bales and since recently in 20-kilo compact bales.

Skal certification

Hartog is in the possession of a Skal certificate. It is possible to deliver the Hartog Compact Lucerne Organic with this Dutch Organic product certification.