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    Roughage Horses



    • Lucerne-mix Digest

      Discover the power of the unique POWERSTART formula. The natural solution against stomach and intestinal problems.

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    • Lucerne-mix

      Fibre-rich feed is very important for a horse’s digestive system. This is why horse owners choose Hartog Lucerne-mix in addition to concentrates.

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    • Gras-mix

      Gras-mix is a blending of dehydrated grass enriched with fiber cubes plus Molashine, guaranteeing a product that hardly contains dust.

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    • Compact Grass

      In order to feed horses in the stable in as natural a manner as possible, Hartog has developed a unique product called Compact Grass.

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    • Fibre-mix - Pure - Low Sugar

      Increase the quality of the roughage ration with Fibre-mix! This fiber roughage mix is 100% natural. 

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    • Fiber Xtreme

      Hartog Fiber Xtreme  is a complete horse feed mad wiht super digestible fibers using a proprietary machine processed lucerne combined with green havested oats with alexander clover ingredients. Molasses, vegetable.

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