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    Concept Hartog

    Hartog Concept contains everything to keep your horse or pony’s body and its functions in top condition. 

    Concept contains everything necessary for good condition, a gleaming coat, supple muscles and strong muscles and ligaments. Moreover, the carefully calculated levels of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium ensure that your horse is relaxed, thereby minimising the likelihood of injury.

    • Complete and easy to digest all-in-one concentrated feed
    • Consists of pure gains, fibre-rich lucerne and essential vitamins and minerals
    • Contains a well-balanced mix of herbs to promote proper digestion
    • Higher yield: 25 percent less feed needed

    Overtaxing the system with nutritionally worthless hulls and scraps and an excess of vitamins, minerals and bone strengtheners is not at all beneficial to your horse or pony’s health.

    Hartog Concept is extremely economical, because it contains only highly nourishing ingredients and an additional herbal mix for optimal intake, so that you manage with around 25% less feed. That’s of course without short-changing your horse's intake.


    The base is made of fibre-rich Lucerne and pure grains such as oats, barely, corn and wheat. A precise and correct proportion of vitamins, minerals and a proven herbal mix are added – the high-quality herbs contribute to optimal intake capacity.

    Hartog concept

    Feeding advice

    Make sure that your horse gets sufficient good quality roughage, at least 1% to optimally 1.5 - 2% of its body weight.

    Product features

    Recyclable plastic bags of 20 kg

    6 months

    Product analysis

    Analysis is based on 1 kilogram This is a natural product, so the values shown may vary.

    Nutritive value
    Crude protein 10.50 %
    Crude fat 4.00 %
    Crude fiber 8.00 %
    Crude ash 7.00 %
    Sugar 3.00 %
    Sugar & starch 36.00 %
    EWPa 1.01 %
    VEP 870.00 %
    Digestible protein 78.00 g
    Vitamin E 250.00 mg
    Biotine (Vit.H) 0.20 mg
    Vitamin D3 2000.00 I.E.
    Vitamin A 13500.00 I.E. 
    Calcium 6.00 g
    Phosphoros 4.00 g
    Magnesium 3.00 g
    Sodium 5.00 g
    Potassium 8.00 g
    Trace elements
    Iron 150.00 mg
    Copper 20.00 mg
    Manganese 84.00 mg
    Zinc 165.00 mg
    Selenium 0.50 mg