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    Energy Special

    Energy Special Hartog

    This special sport muesli without oats is designed to offer a constant, slow release of calories.

    As a “slow burn” source of energy, Energy Special is ideal for horses that must perform for lengthy periods in disciplines like endurance and combined driving. This grain mix is also useful for horses that participate in moderate to intense dressage competition. The sport muesli aids endurance, which allows a horse to carry out heavy exertion more easily without causing it to become hot or nervous.

    • Special for horses that are sensitive to oats.
    • Complete muesli based on high quality grain, easy to digest fibres and vegetable oils to enhance performance
    • Extra electrolytes to aid recovery after intensive exertion and warm periods
    • Rich in magnesium for supple muscles and joints
    • Promotes extra endurance, suppleness and complete manageability
    • Especially suitable for easily stressed and nervous horses

    The Energy Special mix is based on yeast, which is known to be energy rich; however the energy is less readily available than that contained in oats for example. This means that your horse is energised while remaining easily manageable.


    Maize and barley flakes, puffed wheat, flattened barley, wheat germ and wheat bran, toasted linseed, brewer’s yeast, toasted soybeans, Hartog lucerne, spelt and a concentrate of amino acids, minerals, essential vitamins, vegetable oils and molasses.

    HartogEnergy Special

    Feeding advice

    Make sure that your horse gets sufficient good quality roughage, at least 1% to optimally 1.5 - 2 % of its body weight.

    Along with Hartog Lucerne-mix: about 1 - 3 kg Energy Special per day/horse.
    Without Hartog Lucerne-mix: ca. 2 - 4 kg Energy Special per day/horse.

    Sport ponies should receive about 1/3 to ½ of these amounts.

    Product features

    Recyclable plastic bags of 20 kg

    6 months

    Product analysis

    Analysis is based on 1 kilogram This is a natural product, so the values shown may vary.

    Nutritive value

    Crude protein

    11.00 %
    Crude fat 6.60 %
    Crude fiber 11.00 %
    Crude ash 8.00 %
    Sugar 4.00 %
    Sugar & starch 35.00 %
    EWPa 0.92 %
    VEP 820.00 %
    Digestible protein 80.00 g
    Vitamin E 330.00 mg
    Biotine (Vit.H) 0.27 mg
    Vitamin D3 2200.00 I.E.
    Vitamin A 15000.00 I.E. 
    Calcium 11.00 g
    Phosphoros 5.00 g
    Magnesium 5.00 g
    Sodium 6.00 g
    Potassium 8.00 g
    Trace elements
    Iron 80.00 mg
    Copper 38.00 mg
    Manganese 110.00 mg
    Zinc 110.00 mg
    Selenium 0.30 mg