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Horse feed

Regular feeding with Hartog Lucerne optimizes efficiency

The results are clearly visible in growth of the mane, a sleek coat, deeper colour, better muscle build, healthy hooves.
Hartog-fed horses gain in beauty of frame, exhibit better development of neck and croup, and are less “pot-bellied”. Persistent sweating is also reduced.

Feeding right is a question of the right know-how

Hartog, the feed specialist, supplies a complete range of horse feed. Hartog Lucerne is ideally complemented by Hartog concentrates.
Hartog products can be used to compromise an individual feed plan for every horse based on performance demands and training load. For race, competition, sport and pleasure horses. Equally in breeding. –From the start of pregnancy, correct feeding of the mare decisively influences development and lasting health of the foal. Fundamental to this, together with a high-quality supply of fully digestible protein, is a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals. Calcium, phosphorus and essential trace elements such as copper, cobalt and selenium play a vital part in growing strong bones and joints.
The special feed quality of Hartog Lucerne proves particularly beneficial in raising foals. Its high content of calcium is very beneficial to bone growth.
Hartog Lucerne – a natural product rich in animo acids – powerfully supports good muscle development.

A different perspective

Regular feeding, as common for horses in boarding, can be upgraded very effectively with Hartog products. The regular provision or inclusion of Hartog Lucerne is recognizable relatively quickly. It’s action can readily be observed! Hartog Lucerne promotes metabolism and bowel activity, contributing to substantially better digestion and efficiency. The large proportion of cellulose in Hartog Lucerne ensures perfect conditions in the horse’s digestive system for braking down nutrients and producing proteins and vitamins in it’s own body.
Hartog Lucerne is a purely natural product, a distinctive Hartog formula based on alfalfa cultivated ecologically on controlled plantations.
With Hartog Lucerne, all uncertainty is take out of feeding. A forage crop, alfalfa has a proven record spanning over 2000 years of history. Alfalfa was the chief roughage fed to cavalry horses by the ancient Persians, Greeks and Romans.

Hartog Lucerne has an energy content of about 10% (compare to an average of 11.2% for oats), contains fully digestible protein and crude fibre. Its natural content of vitamins A, B and E, biotin, calcium, minerals and trace elements adequately covers horses’ basic daily requirements.
Hartog Lucerne is roughage possessing consistent high quality throughout the feed season, guaranteed by the distinctive Hartog method based on selection of special seed. Strict use is made of tested and proven grades of seed when sowing alfalfa in new fields. They contain selected varieties of oats and clover in exactly controlled proportions.
This fresh young forage (chopped alfalfa together with green-harvested oats and clover) is a highly valuable ingredient in the particular formula of Hartog Lucerne. It contributes to a better energy potential while reducing protein to a balanced and wholly digestible level.
Another characteristic is the product’s freshness. Within at the most 24 hours, the field-fresh green is harvested and goes through in-house processing by Hartog-developed machinery and value-preserving Hartog high temperature drying. Essential factors assuring the high feed quality are harvesting every field at the right time, immediate processing of the fresh crop, and cutting at the correct height.
Scientific studies confirm the interesting experience of actual practice. Many hoof problems can actually be “fed away” with Hartog Lucerne. It is a proven fact that Hartog-fed horses develop more and better hoof horn.
Well-being, health and heightened performance are in harmony with the scientific aspect of the Hartog feed range: Quality rather than quantity, less or more. More Hartog Lucerne and less oats. Beneficial for both the feed budget and the animal. See the results on your own horse!

Roughage horses

The roughage for horses is composed with care. Our Hartog product are of high quality, tasty for your horse and hygienically packed. The optimum way to serve Hartog roughage product is to use the Hartog feed Box.

Complementary feed

Hartog complementary feed for horses contains all the nutrients that give your horse more energy and strength. The natural ingredients provide a better metabolic and excellence. Hartog delivers, the following types of complementary feed for horses

Feeding advice

All horses and ponies are different. If you need any personal advice please contact us about feeding of Hartog products. It is also possible to calculate the feed ration for your horse or pony with feeding advice.