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Feeding mares

During pregnancy, Lucerne-mix is very suitable for use in the ration because of its high calcium content. The high content is good for the condition of the mare and for the bone formation of the unborn foal. In addition, lucerne for horses contains folic acid and ß-carotene, these vitamins are essential for fertility.

Pregnant mares

A mare of 600 kg uses an average of 1115 grams of protein (Vrep) per day in the first months of the gestation period. The average amount of protein (VREp) of a mare of 600 kg that is ridden recreational is a lot lower with 365 grams of protein per day.

Lactating mares

This means that the need for proteins in the ration of a lactating mare has at least doubled! In pregnant mares, the need for protein begins to increase slowly after the 7th month of gestation.

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Good digestible proteins

Fertilization with artificial fertilizer results in difficult digestible proteins in pre-dried silage or hay and these can cause colic and fat legs. Lucerne contains more digestible proteins as a result of nitrogen binding from the air by the root knot bacteria. The result is proteins that are completely digestible. The artificial drying of lucerne is also important for the final digestion. The short heating in the drying ovens results in a partial degradation of the proteins so that they can be better absorbed.


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