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Lucerne for rabbits

The fiber-rich Lucerne has a positive effect on the digestive system. Rabbits suffering from bowel problems such as diarrhea, cramps or clogging benefit from a ration of roughage such as Compact Grass and Hay with Lucerne.

Lucerne is rich in naturally-formed vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With Lucerne in the ration, the quality of the ration is improved, which means that less concentrated feed can be used. The high feed value and fiber-rich structure promotes intestinal activity and improves the balance in the intestinal flora. Lucerne helps prevent infections and problems with the immune system.

Lucerne supports natural teeth wear

The Hartog Lucerne mix is ​​used primarily for young and nourishing rabbits. The Lucerne has a high protein and calcium percentage and supports young animals during the growth and development of muscles, bones and joints. Due to the high quality and taste, it is quickly absorbed by the young animals. After 5 to 7 months, it is slowly switched to Compact Grass or Hay. The Lucerne mix contains a mixture of molasses and vegetable oil, which is an excellent source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, for healthy skin and fur.

Lucerne mix has a high calcium content and contains folic acid, carotene and essential vitamins for fertility. In the period of gestation and lactation, the calcium / phosphorus ratio is essential for the condition of the rabbit and the bone formation of the unborn child. The high calcium content (3 times as high as hay) and the essential amino acids in the Lucerne mix contribute to the optimal development of the bone and muscular system.

Fully digestible proteins

 Proteins in (pre-dry) pit and hay arising from plastic fertilization are often poorly digestible and can cause adverse effects, such as cramps and diarrhea. In the case of lucerne (butterfly-flowered), rodent bacteria bind the nitrogen out of the air, resulting in an amino acid pattern that provides completely digestible proteins. In addition, the artificial drying process of luzern plays a major role in protein digestion. Due to the short heating, proteins are partly broken down so that they can be more easily absorbed.

Due to the high calcium content, Lucerne is recommended only in small amounts in adult rabbits and rodents.

Roughage for rabits and rodents

Rabbits and rodents have a relatively big large and blind intestine. To make their intestines work well, rabbits need a lot of roughage. For example, Hartog's artificially dried grass. This grass has a good and constant quality, is very fiber rich, does not contain fungi and bacteria and smells delicious &  fresh. Roughage can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

Rabbits have a very sensitive digestion. In certain situations, such as pain, stress or during cure, rabbits are less likely to eat and this causes a delayed intestinal effect. This results in "gas" in the intestine, which is very painful to the animal and it stops eating. It is important to avoid stress and pain and offer the animal unlimited roughage to reduce gas formation.

“Don't give too much rabbit feed, because then not enough roughage is eaten!”

Prevent problems such as "elephant teeth". A rabbit's teeth always grow. If the front teeth are not properly laid out or damaged, this skew grows. They will not hit the opposite front teeth and become too long. A healthy rabbit will trim its front teeth by eating fiber-rich products, such as grass, hay and leafy vegetables.


In addition to roughage you can give about 20 grams of rabbit feed per kilogram of body weight to  the rabbit (pellets or cereal mix). If rabbits eat too much rabbit food, they get too much energy and become too fat. As a result, the rabbit will eat fewer nutrients. This eating through the small intestines, called coecotrophy, is especially important for the uptake of Vitamin B.

Hartog Compact Grass

With a size of 50 x 30 x 30 cm per bale, your required storage space becomes hugely limited. The bale is provided with a foil so that your storage space stays clean and the product is protected.

  • It is 100% dried grass without aditions
  • Very compact> less storage space required
  • With protective foil

Next to our Compact Grass, our Lucerne-mix is also used to feed rabbits and rodents. Especially young rabbits benefit from a ration with Luzerne.

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  • Lucerne for rabbits

    The fiber-rich Lucerne has a positive effect on the digestive system. Rabbits suffering from bowel problems such as diarrhea, cramps or clogging benefit from a ration of roughage such as Compact Grass and Hay with Lucerne.

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