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Roughage for poultry

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For poultry, our fiber-rich roughage compact luzerne is particularly suitable. Compact Lucerne and Compact Lucerne Organic was developed by Grasdrogerij Hartog and consists of one hundred percent of a high quality dehydrated Lucerne.

Roughage for Poultry

Fiber-rich food is very important for poultry health. The fibers in the product have a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines of chickens. With a good intestinal effect, a better yield from protein and energy-rich concentrates is achieved. The fibers also provide thicker manure, which results in a drier stable and reduces the infection pressure under poultry. By temperature treatment during the production process the Lucerne is free of pathogens such as salmonella.

Stimulate natural picking behavior

The layout of the compartments change. Changes in legislation will prohibit chicken beak cutting in the future. This also means that a new way of feeding is created. In the wild nature, hens are 60 to 90% of the day fore running. Due to the highly concentrated feeding ration of the laying hens, natural picking behavior is affected. This gave them a lot of free time. As a result, they can show them an unnatural picking behavior that leads to feather picking or even cannibalism. The cause has been the subject of scientific research for decades. This shows that spikes occur, for example, from pain, stress, unnatural situations, boredom or lack of fiber, vitamins, minerals and / or amino acids. In most cases, it is a combination of the above topics that cause sputtering. Hartog's compact lucerne bales prevent sprouting and stimulate the natural picking behavior of your chickens.

Safe and clean

At Grasdrogerij Hartog, all green feeds are grown in the Netherlands and the harvest and production are managed by ourselves and, above all, all roughage is harvested and gas-fired process dried. As a result, all roughage is dried in a safe and clean way and is free of salmonella, heavy metals and Dioxin risk.

The foreign dryers as well as the other Dutch dryers heat the air with which the lucerne is dried, with coal or Bio-mass. During this combustion process, CO2 emissions are not only higher than gas-fired installations, and more heavy metals are also released with coal.

How much food do I use?

It is important for with concept of feeding has been chosen by the poultry farm. The roughage intake depends on many indicators. At a normal stress level in the stable feeding advise is 1 to 2 grams roughage per animal per day. At a higher level of stress it can rise to 4 to 5 grams of roughage per animal per day. The product is available in handy 20 kilograms of bale. In combination with a feeding dispenser or hay net, roughly no roughage is lost.

Below we give an indication of an average use of the Compact Lucerne.

  • Broilers: 1 Bale of 20 kg per lap at 1000 broilers
  • Layers: 1 Bale of 20 kg 1000 to 1500 egg-laying hens per 1 to 2 weeks.

Skal certification

Hartog is in the possession of a Skal certificate. It is possible to deliver the Hartog Compact Lucerne Organic with this Dutch Organic product certification.


  • Feeding net

    For the delivery of the Hartog Compact Luzerne product, a feeding net is available.

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  • Compact Luzerne Organic

    Hartog Compact Lucerne Organic bales stimulate the natural pecking, give a larger feeling of satiety and therefore less aggresiveness.

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  • Compact Lucerne

    The Hartog Compact Lucerne is a valuable supplement to the feeding of poultry. The Compact Lucerne bales are made of a high quality dehydrated lucerne / alfalfa.

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