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Reducing infectious pressure

Luzerne voor pluimvee

Due to the raw fiber (fibrous) from Lucerne, the amino acids in the power feed ration are better utilized. This reduces nitrogen content in manure and urine. The fibers stimulate the functioning and absorption ability of the stomach and intestines. The active intestine peristaltic mixes the food blemish into the intestines, which allows the bacteria in the intestine to break down the ration better. The chance of diarrhea is reduced and the thicker manure prevents an extremely damp stall.

Reduce the infection pressure in your poultry stable by feeding Compact Lucerne.

Litter Quality

The natural driving behavior that results from the delivery of Hartog Compact Lucerne has a positive effect on the quality of the stable bed litter. "Scouring, dust baths and foragers who are taught early in the rearing helps during the laying period to keep the stubble litter drier and looser." Also, Davina Heijink, co-owner of poultry farm Heico in Zutphen. Berrie Heijink, Davina's husband says, 'Dry stalks litter prevents excessive infection pressure from parasites and bacteria that can live well in a humid climate.

Fibers for Poultry

The Compact Lucerne not only provides distraction but also provides a physical necessity, namely fiber rich feed for poultry. The fibers stimulate the action of the stomach and intestines. Well-functioning ones are less sensitive to bowel inflammation.

Free of Salmonella

Hartog Compact Luzerne bales undergo high temperature treatments therefore are free from germs such as Salmonella. 'You can not risk a Salmonella infection at this time, therefore, roughage directly from the land is not a solution. The eggs can not be disposed of as the contamination in the consumer market and the financial damage is huge. "Davina says. With a size of 50 x 30 x 30 cm per bale, little storage space is required. The bale of about 20 kg can easily be transported to the different compartments. The Hartog Compact bale is provided with foil to keep the storage space tidy and the product is protected from external influences such as dirt, moisture, fungi and bacteria.


Look for the offer of the roughage feedbox even on our website. It is possible to offer the bales in finely tuned hay at a later stage in the breeding and laying period. As a result, little Lucerne is lost and the height can be adjusted.


  • Feeding net

    For the delivery of the Hartog Compact Luzerne product, a feeding net is available.

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  • Compact Luzerne Organic

    Hartog Compact Lucerne Organic bales stimulate the natural pecking, give a larger feeling of satiety and therefore less aggresiveness.

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  • Compact Lucerne

    The Hartog Compact Lucerne is a valuable supplement to the feeding of poultry. The Compact Lucerne bales are made of a high quality dehydrated lucerne / alfalfa.

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