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Powerfeed ration for laying hens

Kippen en Luzerne

Poultry farming needs a high fiber content. The concentrates of a laying hen consists mainly of protein and energetic nutrients. Due to various factors such as stress, disease pressure and high production, there may be a need for raw fiber and fiber in the ration for laying hens. The fibers of lucerne stimulate the action of the stomach and intestines and promote overall resistance and vitality. The risk of common problems such as inflammation of the bowel and feather picks is greatly reduced.

The digestion

Lucerne is a fiber-rich supplement to the power supply ration of laying hens and hens in the breeding. One has a fairly simple gastrointestinal system where the cellulose is fermented by the bacterial chlorine in the intestines. These bacteria break down the cell walls, releasing the nutrients. In addition, in the small intestine, microbial degradation occurs in the case of crude fiber and other undigested material. The Lucerne affects the pH of the gastrointestinal tract, which results in a beneficial effect against bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. 'A better developed muscle stomach is beneficial for laying hens, especially in order to efficiently and properly digest the concentrates. This allows an optimal condition for the hens to be achieved. Good condition and vitality are essential for the best production results, "says: Henk Jan Schuurman, Layinghen specialist at Agrifirm Feed from Apeldoorn.

Digestibility of fibers

The amount of fiber that is consumed depends on the hen. One who is used to a fiber rich ration will break more cellulose because the intestinal flora has created more bacteria that is able to ferment the cellulose. Also, their age affects the digestibility of the fibers. In general, older ones can digest the fibers better.

Higher yield from the concentrated feed

Compact Lucerne contributes to the structure in a ration, which has a positive effect on the intestinal and overall vitality. The Lucerne raw fiber (fibers) makes use of the amino acids in the power feed ration better and nutrients are better absorbed. 'This means better condition, good production and lower drop and, therefore, higher yield.' Thus, Henk Jan Schuurman, Agrifirm

Free from Salmonella

Hartog Compact bales undergo high temperature treatment and are therefore free of germs such as Salmonella. With a size of 50 x 30 x 30 cm per bale, little storage space is required. The ball of about 20 kg can easily be transported to the different compartments. The Hartog Compact Lucerne is provided with foil so that the storage space stays clean and the product is protected from external influences such as dirt, moisture, fungi and bacteria.

In case of unwanted behavior, such as feather picking, fast delivery of our Compact Lucerne bale is necessary. Therefore, Hartog works with sales outlets throughout the Netherlands, including Agrifirm Feed. Agrifirm Feed has a large logistics range and fast service. The poultry specialists regularly apply our products and provide excellent guidance.


  • Feeding net

    For the delivery of the Hartog Compact Luzerne product, a feeding net is available.

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    Hartog Compact Lucerne Organic bales stimulate the natural pecking, give a larger feeling of satiety and therefore less aggresiveness.

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    The Hartog Compact Lucerne is a valuable supplement to the feeding of poultry. The Compact Lucerne bales are made of a high quality dehydrated lucerne / alfalfa.

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