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Roughage in the rearing period

Kippen en Luzerne

Laying hens who have access to Compact Lucerne during the breeding season benefit especially in the laying period. During the laying period, the hens tend to have a more beautiful limb and that behavior has a positive effect on the litter quality. An investment in roughage during the rearing period is definitely worth it. If the laying hens do not have the ability to pick feathers, the young animals will learn how to scratch and absorb roughage. This makes it quicker to correct during the laying period if the hens still grow up. They know earlier the measures offered than when they did not get to know this in the rearing. In practice, the hens who have experienced rupture during the breeding season are much better divided over the total area of ​​the compartments during the laying period.

Good agreements

Good agreements between the breeding company and the laying company are therefore essential. Only when regular Compact Lucerne is available during the breeding season, the hens naturally teach forage behavior. As a result, there is a chance that in a later period the hens will absorb too much roughage, reduce the absorption of concentrate and disrupt the energy balance. The provision of roughage is not only suitable for the organic sector, but the common sector also benefits from healthy laying hens. Lucerne already has an influence on the development of a healthy muscle stomach and healthy intestines at an early stage. A better developed muscle stomach is more beneficial for laying hens, especially to prevent malnutrition when it comes to laying. Malnutrition can lead to problems such as poor production and liver fatigue.

Risk periods

There are a number of periods in the rearing in which the risk of feather picking increases. These are the first four weeks in the upbringing, the rupee periods and the periods in which the amount of (day) light increases. It is therefore possible to offer the Compact Lucerne in the first few weeks on the chick paper on the grids. During the ruining periods the hens are sloppy in the plumage, which causes fake peaks to be provoked earlier. Long days with a lot of light pose a risk because in hen after an hour or 8 scars a day hurts. In this case, a combination of Compact Luzerne with other distraction is recommended.


The Compact Lucerne not only delivers distraction to the hens but also provides a physical necessity, namely fiber rich feed. The fibers stimulate the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Well-functioning ones are less sensitive to bowel inflammation.


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