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Feed Box XL

Voerbox XL Hartog

The optimum way to serve Hartog roughage products is to use the Hartog Feed Box XL.

The Hartog Feed Box XL has the following benefits:

  • Slow uptake of roughage
  • Reduce behavioral and digestive problems
  • Suitable for many types of forages
  • Ideal for giving concentrates

Our Hartog feedbox includes a metal rack that rests on top of the horsefeed in order to slow intake of roughage. A horse is no longer able to take big bites at once and will take longer to ingest the roughage, which helps prevent behavioural and digestive problems. The feedbox can be mounted in the stable or in the paddock or on the outside of the stall at chest height for the horse. The feed box consists of an anti-spill edge that prevents loss of food. The feedbox is also equipped with a metal grate that rests on the feed and ensures a slow intake of roughage. Grazing in the meadow is imitated in the stable.

Compact Grass

Our feed box can also be used for concentrates and of course for Hartog Compact Grass. If a concentrate is mixed with Gras-mix or Lucerne-mix horses will consume it far slower, which also ensures a better digestion of the concentrates. 

Feeding advice

Roughage and concentrated feed will mix in the Hartog feedbox which will encourage a slower intake of feed and increased mastication thereby increasing the yield from the concentrated feed.

Product features

The feed box XL measures 60 x 45 x 37 cm.

The Hartog feedbox includes a metal rack that rests on top of the feed in order to slow intake of roughage.


It also has an anti-spill rim to eliminate feed loss.



We advise removal of the rack for horses that start playing with it in order to prevent any possible injuries. The best solution in this situation is to serve Hartog Compact Grass bales in the feed box with straps on top. Your horse will not eat straps, but they will slower eating and thus achieve the same desired effect.