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Luzerne voor varkens

Tail or eat biting is a common problem in pig farming. This is often caused by a feeling of discomfort, stress, frustration, coughing or through their ration. Due to the lack of fiber-rich food, the pigs or piglets can not express their natural behavior. Out of boredom and frustration they go into biting each other's tails and / or ears.

Good diverting material and the addition of fiber-rich food provide a better saturation feeling. Hartog Lucerne Mix is an artificially dried lucerne that has been heated at higher temperatures and therefore free of germs. However, straw is sun-dried and can cause pathogens like Salmonella in the stable.

Preventing tail and ear biting in pig and piglets

The Hartog Lucerne mix is ​​packed in 90L (20kg) bags and is easy to distribute. Oil and molasses are added to ensure that the fine material is tied together and easily removable.

One handful per animal per day is often enough!

Roughage for pigs

  • Higher saturation feeling
  • Less boredom, more chewing, better digestion as the enzymes can blend better with the food slurry in the mouth. These enzymes are important for the first splitting of carbohydrates in the mouth
  • More stability in blood glucose levels
  • Better intestinal action, better absorption of building materials from the rest of the ration
  • Possibly replacing part of the Soy ration

Lucerne for pigs

Hartog Lucerne-mix fiber-rich nutrition for prevention or distraction in tail bites and ear bites in pigs

  • Lucerne naturally has a high protein and calcium content, in contrast to many other roughage feeds.
  • The vegetable proteins are well digestible because Lucerne binds nitrogen as a butterfly-flowered plant. This naturally obtained nitrogen results in a very high and well digestible protein with high resistance.
  • This resistance occurs during the drying process. The cell wall of the protein becomes extra hard during the heat, which makes the digestion more difficult to break down the protein. This process eventually results in better protein digestion and utilization.
  • Lucerne is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    • For example, Omega 3, Carotene, Biotin.
  • Crude fiber is digestible and gives long intestinal activity because lucerne does not immediately lose sting when it comes into contact with moisture.


  • Lucerne-mix for calves

    The Hartog Lucerne mix for calves has been developed, especially for the youngest calves. It has the Stimulants for healthy penile development.

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