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Sheep and goats

Hartog has a refined range of products for your livestock. This way you can put together the feed for your goats and sheep as well as possible.


The goats have a special place. The great advantage of the picky goats is the constant quality and ease of feeding. Goats are very critical when it comes to their feed. Taste, odor, dry dust and mouthfeel are points on which a goat judges it's feed. These are the advantages of Hartog roughage. The summer flavor of the texture bales, the consistency of composition and taste are therefore a great benefit among the goat farmers. Due to high temperature treatment, germs like Para-tbc and salmonella have no chance of surviving.


The sheep farms experience major benefits from our dried products, mainly dried grass, available in large bales and shortly in the compact 20 kg bales.

Top quality of our products is ensured through complete process monitoring. Hartog has the entire production process in its own hands from sowing to distribution to the final consumer. The production process begins with the selection of contract breeders, mainly arable farmers who grow on heavy limestone clay soils. All Hartog Lucerne originates from Dutch soil. Harvesting of lucerne occurs with our own machines. This can be sown at the right time. The mower is immediately followed by the chopper which shreds the roughage, which allows goats and sheep to easily eat the feed.

Organic feeds

There are increasing numbers of livestock farmers who make the transition from common to organic farming. Besides the usual, Hartog can also provide you with organic feeding materials. We are certified for the production and processing of organic feed materials. Grasdrogerij Hartog BV is registered with Skalingschreven under company number 001195. For more information about Skal and our biological activities, please visit our section about Skal certificate.


  • Dehydrated Grass

    Dehydrated grass has high nutrient values and an excellent texture, and the dehydration process has made the protein more stable.

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  • Grass Pellets

    Hartog Grass Pellets are made of freshly harvested and artificially dried grass that has been compressed into a 6 mm textured pellets.

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