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    Compact Grass

    Compact Grass

    In order to feed horses in the stable in as natural a manner as possible, Hartog has developed a unique product called Compact Grass.

    To produce Hartog Compact Grass, we use a meticulously selected mix of fibre-rich grasses especially for horses. Compact Grass is tightly compressed into a small bale for convenient storage and handling. It does not have to be broken up before being fed to horses. By serving a bale of Compact Grass in the Hartog feed box, a horse’s eating rate in the stall is slowed to the point that it more nearly matches natural grazing behaviour in the field.

    • 100% dried grass with no additives
    • Tasty and healthy
    • Prevents boredom in the stable
    • Consistent quality
    • Free of dust and mould
    • Protected with a plastic covering

    Hartog Feed box

    A special Feed Box is available for dispensing Hartog Compact Grass. The Hartog Feed box consists of an anti-spill edge that prevents loss of food. Approximately half a bale of Hartog Compact Grass can fit into such a container.



    For producing Hartog Compact Grass we use a special grass mix produced by growers that we monitor. The product is therefore free of weeds and ragwort.

    Feeding advice

    To replace or combine with your current roughage; Hartog Compact Grass also combines excellently with Hartog Lucerne-mix.

    To meet the roughage requirements of your horse, you need to feed 1.5 kg of roughage daily per 100 kg of the horse’s weight. Due to the high nutritional value of this product compared to hay or grass silage, you can reduce the concentrates that you give your horse.

    Product features

    Hartog Compact Gras is a tightly packed compact bale of 50x30x30 cm and weighs 20 kg. The bale is wrapped in foil so that the product remains protected from external influences.

    A special feed box is available for dispensing Hartog Compact Grass.

    1 year

    Product analysis

    Analysis is based on 1 kilogram This is a natural product, so the values shown may vary.

    Nutritive value
    Crude protein 11.80 %
    Crude fat 2.20 %
    Crude fiber 31.00 %
    Crude ash 10.20 %
    Sugar 8.00 %
    Sugar & starch 12.00 %
    EWPa 0.56 %
    VEP 533.00 %
    Digestible protein 62.00 g
    Dry matter 90.00 %
    Vitamin A 30000.00 I.E.
    Vitamin E 20.00 mg
    Biotine (Vit.H) 0.20 mg
    Vitamin D3 910.00 I.E.
    Calcium 6.00 g
    Phosphoros 3.00 g
    Magnesium 2.00 g
    Sodium 0.80 g
    Potassium 32.00 g
    Trace elements
    Iron 270.00 mg
    Copper 5.00 mg
    Manganese 26.00 mg
    Zinc 24.00 mg
    Selenium 0.10 mg