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Hartog Senior - for old Horses

€ 22,89 (incl. VAT)
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Hartog Senior for old Horses

 5 unique properties of the 5* Complete Care Senior roughage mix for old horses!

Discover the 5 unique properties of the Hartog Senior roughage mix for old horses! Very suitable for: ✓older horses, ✓horses with dental problems ✓ underweight horses

Hartog Senior with 5 unique properties:

  • Extremely suitable for older horses, horses with reduced chewing capacity and rehabilitating horses
  • Very tasty and complete roughage (substitute for roughage and concentrate)
  • Enriched with balancer of vitamins, minerals, and (organically bound) trace elements 
  • Support for physical and mental health from natural sources 
  • Low sugar and starch content, free from grains and molasses

The ration of older horses should consist of 70% to 100% roughage. It is therefore important for older horses with dental problems to have fiber rich roughage for as long as possible. Clogs are made quickly from hay or silage grass. The horse cannot get rid of it anymore or the horse finds the palatability insufficient. Older horses are often offered a slobber or muesli. However, the crude fiber content in these feeds are very low, therefore acidification occurs earlier in the intestinal flora. The consequence of an acidic intestinal flora is a reduced absorption of nutrients and ultimately colic. Fiber-rich roughage is also important to stimulate saliva production during chewing. Roughage is chewed for at least twice as long as concentrate feed, so more saliva is formed. Saliva prevents esophageal problems and neutralizes excess stomach acid due to the high content of acid-buffering sodium carbonate. That is why Hartog has developed a complete and unique roughage for the older horse with a fine structure. In this way, older horses and horses with reduced chewing capacity can grow old healthy and fit.

Grow old Healthy and fit with the Senior

Older horses need tailor-made senior food. This food takes physical and mental changes of the horse into account. For example, many older horses have dental problems and reduced chewing capacity. As a result, hay and pre-dried silage are eaten worse. They salivate more and make crams of the long and stony roughage. The Senior is the ideal roughage replacement due to its fine structure. This feed takes into account the fact that many older horses lose weight quickly. The roughage mix contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the older horse needs and it contains a wide variety of fibers from artificially dried grass, alfalfa, green harvested barley straw and beet pulp.

For who is this very complete roughage mix suitable?

Every race, gender and every age! 
But particularly suitable for: 

  • Older horses
  • Horses with reduced chewing capacity 
  • Underweight horses 
  • Sugar-sensitive horses 
  • Rehabilitating horses
  • Optimizing the roughage ration

Feed management for older horses is a challenge. There is no set criteria that defines a "senior horse" or an "old horse". The nutritional needs of older horses are different from those of adult horses due to changes in their metabolism and reduced digestive efficiency. The first step to a suitable ration for the senior horse is to determine whether the horse is a senior. There is no fixed chronological age from when a horse is considered a senior. Generally the line is drawn at 18 or 20 years. You can also determine whether a horse is a senior by looking at the physiological status (the vitality) and physical signs of aging.

Composition Hartog Senior

The Senior consists of artificially dried grass, Hartog lucerne and green harvested barley straw. The roughage mix is ​​enriched with a balancer. The basis of the balancer is made from lucerne, linseed, soybeans and beet pulp. The Balancer is also enriched with a premix, which is specially formulated according to the needs of the older horse. Rehabilitating horses and sober breeds also benefit from this aggregation, provided that little power feeds are fed. In addition to all added "essential" vitamins, minerals and (organically bound) trace elements, extra attention is paid to vitamins C and K. Vitamin C is produced in the liver using glucose. For a low sugar and starch ration, the addition of vitamin C is recommended. Vitamin K is produced by bacteria in the blind and large intestines. It is important in supporting, among other things, the resistance, glucose processing and the blood coagulation process. In the case of a reduced intestinal function, adding vitamin K can be a solution when there is a lack of it. To keep the horse on the target weight or to ensure weight gain, a sophisticated amino acid pattern is necessary. In addition to the natural proteins from lucerne, soy and linseed, Hartog has added extra amino acids to the balancer.

Herbal tincture

Unique to the Senior is the herbal tincture with among other althaea (Althaea officinalis), Ginger (Zingiber), Swamp spurea (Filipendula ulmaria), Hawthorn (Crataegus), Horsetail (Equisetum), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Guldenroede Virgaurea) and Bacopa monniera (Alzheimer's plant or Brahmi). This unique combination has a positive effect on connective tissue and mood and also helps to regulate hormone balance.

Feeding advice

As a complete feed: 1 – 1,3 kg Senior per 100 kg body weight per day

To improve the ration: 
0,3 – 0,5 kg Senior per 100 kg body weight per day, added to 1 -1,5 kg roughage per 100 kg body weight and eventually concentrate feed

For extra support of the stomach and intestines it is recommended to feed 1 kg of Hartog Digest per day (for ponies 0.5 kg)

A special Feeding bowl has been developed for the Senior and the Digest. A full feeding bowl equals 1 kg of roughage.

Horses that eat greedily or are sensitive to esophagus congestion can be offered the senior in a slow feeder (roughage net) with a fine mesh of max. 3 cm

Product features

Packed in a 15 kg recyclable plastic bag 

Expiry date
1 year, with normal circumstances

Artificially dried grass, alfalfa, green harvested barley straw, linseed oil, linseed, soybean meal, glycerin, beet pulp, monocalcium phosphate, premix, chalk,
Sensory additives: aromatic substances, licorice extract

EAN number

Product analysis

Analysis is based on 1 kilogram. This is a natural product, which means that the stated values ​​may vary.

Nutritional value

Crude protein

15.9 %

Raw fat

7.1 %

Crude fiber

22.49 %

Raw ash

11 %


8.33 %


0.29 %




118,33 G

Dry matter



7.9 g


3.4 g


2.58 g


28.12 g


0.79 g

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