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    Fibre-mix - Pure - Low Sugar


    Increase the quality of the roughage ration with Fibre-mix! This fiber roughage mix is 100% natural. 

    It contains no molasses and no preservatives. This is also not necessary because due to the drying process, the nutrients in the product remain very well preserved. Fibre-mix is a high-quality mix of coarse and dried grass halm,  enriched with Hartog Lucerne, full of naturally formed vitamins, minerals & proteins. The quantity of which Fiber-mix can be used is unlimited.

    • Enhances the quality of the roughage ration
    • No added Sugar or Molasses
    • Rich in naturally formed vitamins, minerals and proteins
    • 100% natural - contains no preservatives, artificial additives or colourings
    • Less dust

    Hartog Feed box

    A special Feed Box is available for dispensing Hartog Fibre-mix. Our Hartog Feed box consists of an anti-spill edge that prevents loss of food. Approximately half a bale of Fibre-mix can fit into such a container.


    Fibre-mix is a high-quality mix of coarse and dried grass halm (75%), enriched with Hartog Lucerne (25%).


    Feeding advice

    Replace /or in combination with hay (for dry) silage. 

    To meet the roughage requirement of your horse, feed him 1 kg of Fibre-mix daily per 100 kg of his weight. The quantity of which Fibre-mix can be used is unlimited.

    Combine the Hartog Fibre-mix with the Balance textured muesli for a balanced diet with a low sugar content.

    Product features

    Hartog Fibre-mix is a tightly packed compact bale of 50x30x30 cm, and weighs 15 kg. The bale is wrapped in foil so that the product remains protected from external influences.

    A special feed box is available for dispensing Hartog Fibre-mix.

    1 year

    Product analysis

    Analysis is based on 1 kilogram This is a natural product, so the values shown may vary.

    Nutritive value
    Crude protein 11.30 %
    Crude fat 2.10 %
    Crude fiber 35.00 %
    Crude ash 5.70 %
    Sugar 8.30 %
    Sugar & starch  12.00 %
    EWPa 0.55 %
    VEP 545.00 %
    Digestible protein 43.00 g
    Dry matter 90.00 %
    Vitamin A 40000.00 I.E.
    Vitamin E 20.00 mg
    Biotine (Vit.H) 0.20 mg
    Vitamin D3 910.00 I.E.
    Calcium 6.00 g
    Phosphoros 3.00 g
    Magnesium 2.00 g
    Sodium 0.80 g
    Potassium 32.00 g
    Trace elements
    Iron 270.00 mg
    Copper 5.00 mg
    Manganese 26.00 mg
    Zinc 24.00 mg
    Selenium 0.10 mg