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    Lucerne-mix Digest

    Lucerne-mix Digest

    Discover the power of the unique POWERSTART formula. The natural solution against stomach and intestinal problems.

    • Supports and protects the gastrointestinal tract
    • Stimulates chewing and prolongs feed intake
    • Free from grain and molasses

    Horses that get a cereal rich or low-fiber ration, are exposed to stress, or have to deal with illnesses develop stomach and intestinal complaints. Especially in sport horses, older horses and (chronically) sick horses, damage to the stomach walls and even stomach ulcers develop.

    The natural solution against stomach and intestinal problems.

    In trotting and racing, 60-90% of the horses suffer from stomach problems such as stomach ulcers. In the regular dressage and jumping sport and recreation horses do not escape this problem. Other intestinal problems such as an imbalance in the intestinal flora, damage to the intestinal wall or reduced growth and development of healthy intestinal flakes also occur regularly.

    The Lucerne mix Digest is especially for:

    • Sport horses
    • Horses that are sensitive to stress or stressful situations
    • Horses with a cereal rich and / or low-fiber ration
    • Horses with stomach and / or intestinal complaints

    Horses with the above health problems often have:

    • Poor recovery after exercise or stress
    • A reduced appetite
    • A bad condition, muscle and weight loss
    • A reduces bowel movement (thin and / or acidic manure)
    • Recurrent colic
    • Barn vices (cribbing, air sucking, weaving or many yawning)
    • Bad on the aids (against the leg)

    Lucerne mix Digest


    Hartog has developed a roughage mix which optimizes the stomach and intestinal health of the horse. The Lucerne mix Digest is enriched with POWERSTART®. This special blend with natural micro elements is combined with acid buffers, prebiotics and yeast cultures.

    POWERSTART ® protects the stomach and intestinal wall against pathogenic (pathogenic) bacteria and restores wounds and damage to the mucous membrane, so nutrients are better absorbed. The acid buffers positively influence the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract and the yeasts and prebiotics support the growth and development of a healthy population of microorganisms in the intestines.

    Lucerne is naturally a bit bitter. This is due to the extremely low sugar and starch content in the plant. To increase the palatability, liquorice and fragrant aromas have been used. The added fruit and vegetables give a subtle taste to the roughage mix and are also very healthy. No grain, molasses and other energy-rich sweeteners are used in this product.

    Feeding advice

    In addition to (average quality) hay, Hartog Compact Grass or Hartog Gras mix:

    1 - 2 kg per horse per day
    0.5 - 1 kg per pony per day

    A full 10 liter bucket filled with Lucerne mix is about 1.5 kg.

    Product features

    Packed in a recyclable 15 kg plastic bag

    Shelf life
    1 year, under normal conditions

    Product analysis

    Analysis is based on 1 kilogram of the product. This is a natural product, so the indicated values can vary.


    Crude protein

    10.20 %

    Crude fat

    3.30 %

    Crude fibre

    29.10 %

    Crude ash

    9.50 %


    3.50 %


    0.52 %

    Digestible Energy

    9.50 MJ

    Digestible protein

    6.60 %

    Dry matter

    90.00 %



    11.90 g


    2.70 g


    1.50 g


    0.60 g