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Compact Lucerne

Compact Lucerne

The Hartog Compact Lucerne is a valuable supplement to the feeding of poultry. The Compact Lucerne bales are made of a high quality dehydrated lucerne / alfalfa.

The Hartog Compact lucerne for poultry is a compact bales of 20 kg. The bale is holding together by 4 plastic straps, therefore the harnesses bales are staying longer compact and so poultry spilled less lucerne or alfalfa. The bales are packed in a plastic film, but it's also possible with a private label. 

  • Compact Lucerne bales keep the hens busy and help to prevent boredom
  • Compact Lucerne bales stimulate the natural pecking, give a larger feeling of satiety and therefore less aggresiveness
  • Compact Lucerne contributes to a high nutritional value


Our Lucerne is heated by a gas fired process (the only one in the Netherlands). During this heating process there aren't arising doxins, PCBs and heavy metals in the alfalfa. By heating it to high temperatures, the alfalfa is free from moulds, moisture and bacteria such as, Salmonella.


For producing Hartog Compact lucerne we use 100% alfalfa produced by growers that we monitor. The product is therefore free of weeds etc.

Feeding advice

  • Put at least two bales of Compact Lucerne in each compartment
  • Spread the bales as much as possible so all hens can eat alfalfa/lucerne
  • Place Compact Luzerne in the evening to prevents stress in a restless couple
  • Allow the streps for slow feeding of the lucerne
  • Use a rack or hay net and avoid wasting the product
  • Start by feeding Compact Lucerne in the first weeks of life

Product features

With a size of 50 x 30 x 30 cm per bale, only little storage space is required. The bale with a weight of 20 kg can be easily distributed to the different compartments of the stable.

1 year

Product analysis

Analysis is based on 1 kilogram This is a natural product, so the values shown may vary.

Nutritive value
Crude protein 16.80 %
Crude fat 2.30%
Crude fiber 37.50 %
Crude ash

10.00 %


2.90 %

VEM 700.00 g
Dry matter 90.00 % 
Calcium 15.60 g
Phosphoros 3.00 g
Magnesium 2.10 g
Sodium 0.80 g
Potassium 26.00 g
Trace elements
Iron 615.00 mg
Copper 8.10 mg
Manganese 34.00 mg
Zinc 25.00 mg
Selenium 0.40 mg